Calendered Vinyl:

Calendered vinyl is thicker and generally intended for flat surfaces only. This film type is not designed to easily confirm to a non-flat surface and is known to "shrink" more. When used in correctly, like applying to non-flat surface, vinyl edge lift is likely to occur.
Examples of flat surfaces include: dishware such as plates and smooth walls (slightly textured surface/"orange peel" are generally okay)

Cast Vinyl:

Cast vinyl is thin and flexible meaning that it is conformable (making it ideal for graphics that are applied to non-flat surfaces). The film type is considered to be a premium vinyl with longer durability.
Examples of non-flat surfaces include: cannisters, glassware and walls such as sealed painted stucco or prick. that have shallow recesses. (Cast vinyl confirms into the recessed area of these wall types and has a better bond to the surface.)

Source: Orafol America